Kingston 8GB mSD 98D799B27A

Model: TH58NVG6T2ETA2A

  • Vendor: Toshiba
  • Identifier98D799B27A 
  • Page size8576 bytes
  • Block size: 3293184 bytes (384 pages)

The CE2 contact is connected to the CE0, so the CE2 must be isolated or disconnected in the adapter.

Chip configuration.

 The size of the logical block is different from the physical one and needs to be adjusted. From the LBN in the service area, it is determined that the block has 384 pages. So, the block size is 8576 x 384 = 3293184.

The figure clearly shows that the user data sectors (blue) are mixed with XOR. The XOR structure is displayed in an empty block. SA (orange) and ECC (sand) are not mixed.

Next, we find ECC and XOR.

  • ECC Phison(PS)\PS2251-50-F_8576_8.bch
  • XOR Phison(PS)\PS_monolith(8k_192p)_3A0920.xor

The block shows a structure that repeats 2 times. A Pair modifier with parameters must be used:

  • Number of planes 2
  • Moveable block size 8576 (page size)
  • Area size 3293184 (block size)


Before merging the two dumps, we compare them in parallel by blocks. We see that the structure of the data in blocks is very different, which means that dumps can be united by dumps sequentially.

Unite parameters. 

 In this case, the LBN (logical block number) is equal to four blocks, so 4 banks must be specified.

Markers table parameters. Test1 is used to determine the MBR block (55AA in the figure).

Failed to build file structure. Images were found in the resulting logical image.